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How Do We Create An
Energy Independent Society?

It all Starts with a New Mindset

The most powerful, adaptable nations are heading toward their own energy independence by rethinking what it means to energize their day. Taking control of your own personal energy usage helps to keep nations free. With this kind of unleashed freedom, we are each able to shape our own creativity into unique forms of opportunity, innovation, and wealth that can be shared by all.


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What Is Energy Independence?

When we are no longer dependent on other nation’s controlled energy resources to power our day, each of us becomes more free. When “We The People” each take charge of our own lives by using alternative forms of energy beyond oil, we bring our country to a new level of freedom and independence. A truly energy independent society needs to be measured by looking at the quantity and ratio between increasing clean energy production and decreasing dirty energy consumption.

Why Is Energy Independence Important?

Who Exactly are the Energy Independents?

Where is Energy Independence Happening? 

Energy Independents
March To A Different Drummer

Energy Independents Use Sustainable Energy

We are less dependent on other nation’s energy resources to power our day. We take charge of our lives by using alternative forms of energy including but beyond oil and coal. This is how we are helping our country move to new levels of national energy independence. Read more …

Energy Independents Help Build Smart Cities

We encourage our towns to incorporate alternative energy solutions into city planning, including sustainable business practices, providing hybrid transportation solutions, designing green buildings, enforcing recycle and reuse programs, and other ongoing smart city development solutions. Read more …

Energy Independents Live In Ecological Homes & Vehicles

We use green products and services in our homes and places of residence, such as efficient lighting, sustainable lumber, energy efficient appliances, recycled materials, non-toxic cleaning supplies, organic yard and gardening applications, and low emission vehicles and tools whenever possible. Read more …

Energy Independents Are Emergency Prepared

We recognize that climate change is real, no matter whose fault it is. We see a relationship between changing bad weather and misuse of oil-based energy. We understand how our electrical grid is tied to oil availability and recognize our vulnerability when the electrical grid goes out. We prepare and store at least a month’s supply of backup food and supplies so that our families are ready if and when a bad situation happens. Read more …

Energy Independents Influence Government Policy Making

We follow and participate in our city, state, and national energy-related developments. We have regular conversations with friends to respectfully educate and encourage more citizen engagement that supports alternative energy regulation, implementation, and sustainable energy practices. Read more …

Energy Independents Are Green Consumers

We are green consumers and support companies that use sustainability practices. We check product labels before buying, and choose chemical-safe products whenever possible for our families. We also understand that non-organic farming destroys the soil, poisons our water, damages our food chain, and infects our bodies with toxic chemicals. So we buy, eat, and grow organic foods whenever possible. Read more …

Energy Independents Recognize Alternative Energy Creates Opportunity

We understand that every activity we do requires energy, and everything we make and grow comes from energy. Thus by increasing our alternative energy sources, we diversify the economy, helping to increase jobs improve opportunities for all. Read more …

Energy Independents Think Like Inventors, Innovators, & Entrepreneurs

Creativity, open mindedness, and a drive for something better, is an inherent quality in Energy Independents like us. We are leaders much more than we are followers. We come up with cool ideas and share them with others. And we safely try them out, no matter whether we can convince others to support us. We are champions of a better future and know that our energy inventions may not always be understood or appreciated right away. Read more …


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How Do We Create An

Energy Independent Society?



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