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Energy Inventors CoLaboratory

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Innovators Colab!


Father of applied energy: ac motor, tesla coil, radio, remote control


Created a fuel cell energy solution contained within a small cube

Raphial Morgado

Internal combustion multi-firing engine that produces enormous torque

Alessandro Volta

Proved electricity could be generated chemically

Michael Faraday

Discovered varying magnetic field causes electricity flow in circuit

John Searl

Electricity without fuel pollution friction or noise (anti-gravity effects)

Paul Pantone

Invented global environmental energy technology plasma reactor

James Watt

Developed efficient steam engine

Randell Mills

Induced hydrogen electron to lower level releasing energy

Timothy Thrapp

Gravity motors, water run engines, radiant and inertial propulsion devices

Tariel Kapanadze

Invented a free energy generator

Marko Rodin

Calculated the source of the non-decaying spin of the electron

Bertrand Piccard

Created water vortex power plant

This Community is for ‘ENERGY’ INVENTORS of All Kinds
and for lovers of inventors too ūüėȬ†


Your Inventive Brain is the Backbone of Energy Independence!

inventive brain backbone energy independence

You need to be supported. Experiment, get advice from others, and prepare your plan, before reaching out for funding. Build early momentum, get opinions that test your assumptions, and gather ways to raise interest for your inventions.

Present Your Ideas, Show Off Your Yet Unproven Inventions!

trust your crazy ideas

EIUSA is a growing learning community of energy independents just like you. We are building a collective of creative minds, supporting each other to design and deliver alternative energy solutions to the world.

Engage Your Peers, Challenge Each Other, Do Better Together!

challenge crazy invention thinking

We will be creating *best idea contests, *educational discussion forums, *interactive video chat presentations, and *online unconferences where you can show off your prototypes, find new resources and contacts, and so much more.

Attention Alternative Energy Lovers!

Which energy inventions and inventors do you think ought¬†to be¬†in EIUSA’s¬†energy community?

Send Ideas & Innovations!  

Who Do You Know Working With Energy? What Do We Need To Learn? Why Should We Know? Share Information With EIUSA’s Network! ¬†Is Your Invention Still An Idea? ¬†Or Is It Ready For Market? ¬†Do You Have Resources That Others Can Use? ¬†Should Your Energy Invention Be Noted Here?

Make This The Year Of

Energy Independent Innovation!!