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What Is An Empowerment Kit?

A Family Empowerment Kit from EIUSA provides the essentials needed when you have lost everything from climate, war, or other disaster. It’s more than just a backpack of supplies. Rather you are sending food, shelter, power, warmth, and tools that can keep a family alive and well. It includes rechargeable communication devices, protection and safety equipment, storage for water, stoves for cooking food, and more. Most of us don’t ever think about what would be needed in an emergency situation. It’s more than you think! EIUSA has done that work for you. All you have to do is get the hundreds and thousands of families desperately needing supplies.

empowerment How Does It Work

How Does It Work? 

Each of us have certain basic needs that have to be met each day just to stay alive. The kits allow a family of four to survive, including 30 days of dried food, while providing tools and supplies that support many months of critical essentials, including clothing, hunting and cook items, protection from harsh environmental conditions with shelter,warmth, sleep, first aid, repair tools, water filtering, and more.  

How Much Does It Cost Me To Help Others Who Need My Help? Below you will find the required kit items. To see any of them in more detail, click on them and you will be taken to a product description with pricing. Total cost per kit for a family of four is $1,400 dollars. Let us know what ideas you have to improve our kits! CLICK HERE if you’re ready to gift a family in need. 

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What Supplies Come In Family Empowerment Kits?

Below you will find the actual items that EIUSA has pre-selected based on rigorous research, product reviews, and availability. Critical to sustained survival is to provide enough food and daily-use items for surviving under very difficult conditions, where very limited food and shelter exist. Review kit items for yourself and if you have suggestions for improving our kits, please give us a shout

An Empowerment Kit Contains Essentials For A Family Of Four For Many Months:

One Month’s Supply Dried Food Rations, Sleeping Bags, Clothes, Tent, Water Containers and Filters, Batteries and Solar Chargers, Emergency Blanket, Emergency Radio, Firestarting Kit, First Aid Kit, Flashlight, Headlamp, Hydration Bladder, Family Identification Packs, Tarp and Hammock, Dry Bags, Duct Tape, Medication, Multi-tools, Paracord, Pocket Knife, Ponchos, Sanitation Items, Bug Repellent, Hygiene Kit, Can Opener, Urban Survival Items, Dust Mask, Pry Tool, Work Gloves, Wilderness Survival Items, Camp Shovel and Saw, Hatchet, Hunting Knife, Slingshot & Ammo, Protection Pepper Spray, Fishing Kit, Family Entertainment, and more. (Note there is enough food rations in this kit to last for one month.)

2 Buckets Food Feeds 4 for 1 Month
1 Four Person Tent
1 Rechargeable Arc Lighter
4 Heat Reflector Blankets
4 Pairs of Socks
4 Bug Jackets
3 Walkie Talkies
1 Jug Body Dishes Cleansing Soap
2 Bug Repellent Bottles
1 Multi-function Tool
Repairs Tool Kit
1 Propane Cooking Stove
4 Fuel Canisters 450 gm
4 Sleeping Pillows
4 Gas Mask Respirators
2 Identification Belt Packs
4 Scarf
1 Self Protect StunGun with Flashlight
1 Emergency Repair
1 First Aid Kit
1 Fire Starter Kit
2 Carabiners
4 Drinking Water Filters
1 Solar Cooking Tubes Set of 2
4 Sleeping Bags
1 Box Latex Gloves
4 hats
1 Solar Generator
1 Battery Charger AA AAA
1 Shovel
2 Protection Pepper Sprays
1 Repair Tape
1 Roll Paracord Rope
1 Gravity-Fed Water Purifier
100 Water Purification Tablets
1 Fishing Gear Kit
4 Shirts
4 Pairs Warmth
16 Rechargeable Batteries 8AA 8AAA
4 LED Head Lamps
1 Toilet Bucket Kit
1 Pry Bar
1 hatchet
2 Outdoor Portable Solar Lights
1 Solid Fuel Cubes 36 Piece
1 Combo Hydration Bladder
4 Spoon Forks
4 Sleeping Pads
4 Pair Pants
1 Multi-function Hammock Tarp Roping
1 Hunting Sling Shot
1 Hygiene Kit
1 Camping Saw
8 Waterproof Storage Bags
1 Family Board Game Set
8 Water Storage Cubes
1 Cooking Eating Pot Set
4 Hooded Rain Ponchos
4 under shorts
4 Pairs of Shoes
1 Solar Radio
1 Swiss Army Knife
2 Bottles Food Based Vitamins
10 Tear Resistant Odor-Barrier Bags
2 Utility Knife w/FireStarter
1 Bag Backpack

How Do I Send Empowerment Kits To Those In Need?

Two Ways To Choose Family Empowerment Kits

EIUSA provides families with survival kits. Our present deliveries are going to Africa supporting those in extreme poverty, whose lives have been destroyed due to global climate change, war, or other life disasters. When you purchase empowerment kits from us, you can choose option 1 or option 2 below. If you choose option 1, everything is taken care of for you. If you select option 2, ship your products to the transfer station listed in option 2. Once received, your supplies will be shipped to families in need. At your request, we will provide you with a photograph of families who benefit from your empowerment gift. 



Have EIUSA take care of buying and shipping Empowerment kits for you. Choosing this option delivers the preselected items you see below. We’ve already done the research and determined which items are needed to fulfill a survival kit for a family of four. Make one payment with a couple of clicks and we do all the rest. Click button 1 below. 



Choose this option to do the product selection, ordering and shipping. Add each product above, one at a time and click ‘add to wishlist’ on each product page. Then go to your wish list and move all products to your cart, pay, and ship them to the transfer address. Click button 2 below for details. 

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 What about your own family?
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