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Family Empowerment Project Option 2:

Select and Ship Products Yourself

Use this option to choose and add any or all products at your discretion.

We suggest you focus on the high and medium level items, as shown in the spreadsheet, as they in greatest need at this time. You take care of having buying and shipping them to our transfer station on your own. But that’s easy. Just follow the instructions below. 

When Our Lives Are Comfortable, We Must Remember To Reach Out To Those Who Are In Need


All you have to do is select each product, one at a time, as shown in the products section of the ’emPower’ page you just came from.

Or, easier yet, follow this step by step process below:

  1. Simply click on the links found in the ‘product link’ column next to each item shown in the spreadsheet on this page. This will allow you to view and add each product you wish to donate, done one at a time.
  2. On each product page, click ‘add to wishlist‘.
  3. Once you complete adding all products you wish to give, go to your full wishlist and move them into your cart and purchase them. When you hit the final buy button, you will be sent to Amazon for fulfillment.

Pretty easy, right!? 🙂 


EIUSA is presently working with ‘Develop Africa’ to send our emPower Project goods to families in need in Africa. Once your shopping cart is ready, you will be logged into Amazon and asked to add a shipping address. To be sure all your products are sent to the correct product transfer station, please add the below information for a shipping address. 

Develop Africa
Attention: Sylvester Renner, President
1906 Knob Creek Road, Suite 3
Johnson City, TN 37604, USA
Phone: 423-282-0006

Got Questions? 

Send Us An Email.

NOTE: If you wish to make it even easier and simply purchase a full emPowerment kit, then click here to view Family emPowerment Project ‘Option 1’, where we select, purchase, and ship all items for you.